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Succession planning for the owner/manager is a task too many “never get around to”.  A clear succession plan begins with understanding the owner’s objectives and goals from a career perspective and a financial perspective.  When the goals and objectives are understood, we can assist in developing a path forward to meet your goals.  Far too many owners begin this process the day they decide to sell the business, which invariably means it will take longer to sell and will sell for a lower value.
We can assist you in executing a succession plan by:

  • Providing an independent valuation of your business
  • Develop a financial plan to “prepare the business for succession”
  • Provide M&A services now or anytime in the future
  • Assist with planning and financing a management buyout or family buyout
  • On-going monitoring and review of succession plan to determine the correct timing to maximize value and achieve owner objectives

Aegis is a long term partner to our clients.  We provide the services required as the business evolves to assist owners in meeting their goals and objectives.