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Many companies today are feeling the “squeeze” from their bank or other lenders and in many instances this impacts the ability of the business to grow and increase in value.  During these challenging times, owners and managers do not have the time to review alternatives to make sure the company has the most financing available at the lowest cost.  That is where Aegis can help. Our fees are primarily success oriented – if we can’t help we don’t get paid.

Aegis principals and associates have solid experience in operating and managing businesses.  We understand the challenges faced by owners and managers to just keep the business running.  We provide an impartial perspective on your financing plan and make certain that the financing plan is consistent with your business plan.  On a project basis, we can focus on building the financing plan, sourcing the financing and closing the financing transaction.  This allows the owners and managers to concentrate on building the business.

We will conduct a full review of your current and expected financing need and source the lowest cost and most flexible financing available.  Aegis works with many major lenders and financing sources in Canada and the U.S..  We have experience with all Canadian and Ontario financial support programs which can, in some cases, provide a low cost source of funds.  We have strong contacts in the mezzanine and subordinated debt markets should that type of debt be appropriate.  We also work with numerous private equity and venture capital sources who can provide companies with equity capital where required.